The Stermer’s vision for The Hob Nob has always been about people.
People meeting People, sharing great food and drink.

Whether you’re getting off work, bringing family, meeting with friends, having casual Business meetings, or a special place to hold a date. We want to provide the joyful Environment and Atmosphere, while preparing Local foods and drinks that supports the community. The definition of Hob Nob has many meanings, but all refer to; Raising your glass, making a toast, to mingle and to Network. How fitting for our Houlton location and Pub!

Hob Nob Motto: Professionalism, Passion and Intent.
Be assured that we will always do our best in maintaining our Motto.


Hob Nob Beers are simple, easy drinking and designed to be paired with foods. The guest Craft Beers from NW Breweries are flavorful, healthy and can fulfill the taste of any beer drinker. Hob Nob produces and purchases small 1/6th, quarter barrel. This ensures that the Beer is always Fresh and clean. As Beer favorites change, it allows us to better accommodate the most popular brews.

Our House Mead is “Fern Gully” Tamra Found a recipe handed down for over 100 years. Herbs & Floral’s are harvested from family gardens, and Organic spices are carefully chosen. Small 5- 10 gallon batches are cooked, fermented then bottled or kegged. The Water to Honey ratio, love and patience makes this a little cup of gold. Thru out the year, Specialty Solstice Mead are made and reserved.


We will have a changing selection of great wines from Pacific NW wineries. We strive to bring house cocktails that are made with Local and top shelf distilled liquors, fresh ingredients, fruits and herbs. Bridge City Soda is our in-house line of soft drinks made with pure cane sugar. The Honey Mead is from Wild Flower honey, fresh herbs and flowers. Juices are Natural & Simple syrups are house made


Farm to table sustainable, fresh herbs, natural meats. We even have offerings for specialty diets. Using seasonal, internationally infused cuisines, all foods are hand prepared and freshly cooked.  We use locally sourced produce, & condiments. Good cooking takes time especially when No microwaves are used!                              

Stermers in Columbia County

 John’s family has been residents since the early 1900’s. John graduated from St. Helens HS. He earned a Degree in Wood Products and Management. In a 1982 Mill shutdown, he moved to the Deep South. As a Yacht Club Member in Mississippi, he was a line cook. In 2010, John came home to St. Helens.

Tamra was a Pioneer in her field of Dentistry for 26 years attaining several “First” in her field. She has traveled to most States in America, and several Countries abroad in her work and Hobbies. Locally, John & Tamra have donated time and fundraising in many nonprofit and mentorship programs. Now, Years of Experience, Passion and People have helped them to create the goals for HOB NOB BREWHOUSE